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The founders of Greg Henchar and Victor Lopez began their journey as anchors of the Gay Safe Haven Rainbow Hour September 2010. Their show aired Wednesdays at 3pm. With much success and fanfare they knew there was more work to do, more to offer with show content. In 2012 Gay Safe Haven Radio was born Greg and Victor stated the opportunity to expand our reach, to further educate our community is the main focus and mission of Gay Safe Radio. 

All shows provide our listeners updates on national news, events and much more that will sometimes make you want to say WOW, I did not know that! They have conducted interviews as far away as Australia with pop song artist Anthony Defina, Hollywood stars such as Cleo King and many more. 

Just a few topics have included, Gay Pride, World AIDS Day, Black History Month, Bullying, Domestic Violence, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Homeless Teens and much more we hope you enjoy Gay Safe Haven Radio and recommend to your friends and family.

Why should you listen? Because no one should be in their journey alone.

With much love and support,

Gay Safe Haven Radio

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