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The Esme Russell Show Times:
  • Days: Wednesday
  • Times: 12:00 pm

Hosted By: Esme Russell
The Esme Russel Show!
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Esme Russell 
is a Tampa native of Cuban decent ....Esme was born Louis Torres and by the age of 14 realized that she was a transgender woman She changed her name and for the next 35 years entertained audiences across the nation ...she has captured countless female impersonation pageants including Miss Gay Florida 1993 and Miss Heart of Florida 2010

ESME has several degrees in Metaphysics and past life studies including a PhD in Biblical history ....she has been doing Radio for 6 years and sees herself eventually devoting herself to the medium full time ..Esme is extremely close with her family and besides GSH radio devotes her time to her charity work and Hamburger Mary's Tampa where she hosts and entertains ...Esme is celebrating her 3rd year with GSH radio in 2014 and Is the Hostess of the show which bears her name ...the Esme Russell show won a wave award in 2012 for excellence in broadcasting she came in 3rd place for the entire tampa bay area ....Esme says " I was born talking ...I wouldn't stop was a natural extention to a personality to big and to loud to be kept quiet ..." is a fact that Esme always has something to say ....she is humbled by the listeners of the show and is grateful for the opportunity to be able to do a job that Is also a passion ...that being making a difference in the lives of others ....she is known as THE QUEEN OF TALK Esme Russell