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Gregory is originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he started his career with Dunn and Bradstreet's Yellow Page Giant Reuben H. Donnelley. 

He relocated several times and went in and out of the closet for twenty years because of society. After a long battle with the company policies, Gregory decided to leave his flawless career to live his life, OUT!   Several years later, Greg and his life partner Victor founded the popular award winning online search Rainbow 411 soon after Gay Safe Haven Radio formed and the rest is histrory 

Greg is one with an opinion on many subjects you will hear on his show that you may agree with or not but, there is one opinion everyone can agree with and that is his passion for the community. He has been called an Activist, the next Harvey Milk and his response was and is "Thank you for the compliment, I try". 

Coincidentally, the definition of the name Gregory is "Watchful One" and that he does daily for the LGBT and everyone who is treated unfairly with PRIDE!

Rainbow Hour Show Times: Hosted By: Gregory Henchar & Michael Dacosta
Thursdays at  12 noon EST 

Rainbow Hour - Talk Show!
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